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About Robin Kent

I  use traditional oil paint on canvas and board, as well as watercolour, pastels and pen and wash. I am very interested in the process of painting, colour and the material expression of oil paint, and my work is informed by traditional methods. I also like making historical references to past artists in my work.

I trained in architecture at the Oxford School of Architecture, now Oxford Brookes University, Kingston University and the University if York, and practiced for a number of years as an architect. I am especially interested in historic buildings. Having retired from the profession and attended classes at the Leith School of Art in Edinburgh, I have returned to painting full time. For the past nine years I have been developing my interest in portraiture. I see the painted portrait as a monument to individual personality and an iconic commemoration and celebration of the eternal human spirit, as well as a window into the soul and a record of a unique relationship. I find that portraiture has a depth of interest and meaning, and presents absorbing technical challenges, which take it well beyond mere depiction.

I work fast from the life but also use my own and occasionally others' reference photographs to achieve a finished work.  


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